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We Do Manual Typing Work From Written and Voice Note

We Do Manual Typing Work To Excel Or Word Document - We Do Manual Typing Work From Written and Voice Note - Nigeria Website Design

Are you tired of typing or you do not have the time or speed needed to do the work. Whatever the situation is, We are here to offer our skill and help you out. We will manually type all jobs from PDF, Images, or any form of scanned document to MS Word Services include:

  • Data compiling from Directories.
  • Data Entry (All type).
  • Copy & Paste.
  • Manually Typing Work.
  • PDF to Excel.
  • PDF to Word.
  • Scanned Pages to Excel or Word.
  • Website into Excel.
  • Web Research.
  • Etc, Etc!

I promise to be Very fast in Delivery, giving you a High Quality Work that is Very Neat with 100% Accuracy

Call us today on: +2348181819394

Text us too on: +2348181819394

Or just whatsapp us: +2348181819394

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