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Create A Blog and Earn Money

Create A Blog And Earn Money - Create A Blog and Earn Money - Nigeria Website Design

Do you want earn from blogging, At 77even Designs, when it comes to blog design, our team of designers are artists brimming with ideas to make your blog stand out the from the crowd.

Service include:

  • 1) Home Page slider.
  • 2) About Us, Contact Us, Services and Blog Pages.
  • 3) Home Page Posts Showing.
  • 4) Categories setup all posts.
  • 5) Basic settings.
  • 6) Social Sharing buttons.
  • 7) All the Necessary Widgets.
  • 8) SEO plugin install and configuration.
  • 9) Google Analytics.

If you want WOW factor, sparkle and a touch of magic, you have come to the right place. 

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